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One: maps are typically 2000 pixels wide in png format.

Two: added Generic planets in Traveller format. I use Fractal Terrains 3 to make them.

Three: I have noticed the grid on the generic planets are a bit light. I will darken those on future maps, and go back and fix them on the generic planet maps. Done.

Four: I have noticed the ships are different. More like the old science fiction movie ships from the 1950s.

Five: I have decided to use the mapping style, UWP, etc. from my Alternate Traveller Universe as I have on my web site for that game.

Six: Adding solar system maps.

Seven: Note that a rocky planet means it is similar to Earth. Or at least ‘Earth-like’.

Eight: Rock or rocks, means just a boulder of various sizes. Asteroids. Spent comets, etc.

Nine: what are those numbers after the Column and Sectors in the navigation menus ? Those are the number of planets in that area.

Ten: Some planet and moon names are adventure ideas. And some are just random names.

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